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Dr SK Chaudhary, Hon’ble DDG (NRM) Visited ICAR – IISWC RC, Datia on 07/04/2023. Dr A Arunachalam, Director, ICAR – CAFRI, Jhansi also accompanied Hon’ble DDG. Hon’ble DDG was given warm welcome by all the staff of the research center followed by tree plantation in the office campus. During the visit, he dedicated new tractor to the center. Afterwards, he visited the research farm of the center to have a birds’ eye view of farm resources and facilities. During farm visit, he appreciated the efforts of the center in developing the bamboo-based bio-fence. He took keen interest in the dynamics and package of practices of the bio-fence and Dr Dinesh Kumar explained the various options to achieve the bamboo bio – wall in minimum possible time. Hon’ble DDG (NRM), Later, in interaction meeting with the scientist and staff, Dr RS Yadav, Head of the Centre, apprised him about the research projects and associated facilities. In his address, Dr A Arunachalam, Director, ICAR – CAFRI, Jhansi congratulated the center on 70th Foundation Day of the Institute. He narrated the role of the institute research work in achieving the land degradation neutrality. In his address, Dr SK Chaudhary, Hon’ble DDG (NRM) congratulated the Institute and its Research Centre’s on the celebration of 70th Foundation Day of the Institute lauded the role of the institute to address present day and visualized problems in conservation of natural resources. He especially appreciated the center in managing the office, office campus, residential campus, research facilities and farm with very few manpower. Lastly, Dr DM Kadam extended vote of thanks to the Chair, Director, ICAR – CAFRI, Jhansi and all the staff to make the visit a grand success.

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