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A new initiative as part of the Agri Drone Project was successfully demonstrated in the arena of modern farming. The experiment involved using a drone sprayer to apply Nano Urea, Nano DAP, and liquid Sagarika to 25 acres of land in the Kathura village while working in conjunction with progressive farmers. The primary purpose of this project was to study innovative approaches to the secure and responsible application of fertilizers in agricultural situations.

Dr. Rajkumar, Senior Scientist (Fruit Science) from the ICAR-CSRRI, Karnal led the demonstration of drone and their use in the application of Nano Urea, DAP and liquid Sagarika ensured that plants received the precise and necessary amount of each mineral adequately. This, in turn, contributed to an increase in the overall output of agricultural production. The use of liquid Sagarika enhances physiological efficiency of crops leading to more nutrient uptake from soil, improves quality, enhances stress tolerance ability of crops & resistance against pests & diseases. This demonstration is indicative of new and advanced methods that can help farmers in the use of proper farming techniques. The usage of drone sprayers can improve agricultural productivity and ensure that nutrients are applied effectively. It would also help in protecting the environment. Besides one day training programme under Farmers First Project was conducted by Mrs Deepa Kumari, Technical Officer from the KVK-NDRI, Karnal, on the formation of milk based products which may be helpful in improving the economic status and empowering the rural women’s through value addition in animal’s milk. Additionally, Mr. Vikas, who is a Senior Technician, was a member of the team. Following the successful completion of this demonstration, the knowledgeable group intended to implement this technology in further contexts and provide assistance to farmers with contemporary farming practices. Farmers from the village of Kathura were given the opportunity to participate in this experiment, which gave them the chance to interact with new fertilizer technologies and learn about new ways to boost the productivity of their agricultural fields.

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