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Cashew Day-2023 was celebrated on Friday 10-03-2023 at the Directorate of Cashew Research at Kemminje, Puttur. Shri Gurunath R. Odugowdar, president of the Cashew growers Association, Gadag was the chief guest. He spoke about the importance of policy makers, farmers and scientists and processors in cashew sector. He suggested that the area expansion activities need to be taken for increasing the production. He vouched for policy intervention to increase the benefit to farmers. He called for the adoption of an integrated farming method and to go for value added products out of cashew nut and apple.Dr. K.B. Hebbar, Director CPCRI- Kasaragod participated as the guest of honor. He briefed about the improvements be made in cashew cultivation. He said that compared to horticultural crops such as coconut, areca nut, cocoa, the cost of growing cashew is very low and the profit is high. It can be grown in any region that is suitable for cashew.Another guest of honor was Dr. T.J. Ramesh, Senior Scientist and Head, KVK, Mang alore called upon farmers to double their income by using modern agricultural technologies. The director of the ICAR- Directorate of Cashew Research, Puttur Dr. J. Dinakar Adiga expressed his opinion that if the farmers put their faith in the crop, the technology developed by the organization and the training provided will help to double the income of the farmers.

A new variety of cashew called “Netra Ubhaya” was released during the event. This variety is useful for both cashew nut and apple. The chief guest also released an artificial intelligence based mobile app called Cash Protect meant for identification of pests, diseases and nutrient deficiencies. A training manual titled “Raw Cashewnut Processing and Value-added products of Cashew Apple” and a pamphlet titled “Cashew
Apple Cultivation Practices” were also released. Mr. Vishwakeshav Kuruveri from Kasaragod, a progressive cashew farmer shared his experience in cashew processing, branding and selling. Another farmer, Mr. Venkatesh Nanditale, Neechadi shared his experience in ultra-high-density cultivation of cashew and cashew nursery business. Both these achievers were honored in the program. An exhibition of various technologies developed by the Institute, value added products of cashew fruit and publications published by the Institute was organized. More than 150 farmers participated in the program. Agricultural machinery and seed kits were also distributed to the SCSP farmers during the program. Dr. G.N. Manjesh gave vote of thanks. Shri Prakash G., Chief Technical Officer of the organization compered the program.

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