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Awareness cum training programme on summer ploughing and soil sampling procedure was organized by Sri. J. Vijay, Coordinator and Dr. Ch. Pallavi, Scientist (TOT), from DAATTC, Tornala on 28.05.2024 at Alirajpet village, Jagdevpur Mandal, Siddipet district. In this programme, Sri. J. Vijay, Coordinator explained about the importance of summer ploughing, implements to be used, depth and time of ploughing also gave information about the summer deep ploughing increasing water use efficiency, to solve the weed problems, pests and diseases, to improve the soil fertility and increasing the crop production in ensuring kharif season. Later, Dr. Ch. Pallavi also explained about the importance of soil testing, procedure for soil sampling methods for efficient nutrient management and advantages of soil sampling. We also explained about the facility of soil testing available at ARS, Tornala along with cost for analysis. Later, we discussed about the varieties available for sale at ARS, Tornala to farmers followed by method demonstration of the soil sampling procedure in Sri. Kistaiah farmer field. Subsequently, we explained some of the queries being raised by the farmers. Pamphlet on Vanakalam lo adhika digubadulaku vesavi lothudukkulu and pictoral depiction of matti namoona sekarana paddathi were also distributed to farmers on this occasion. In this programme, Mandal Agriculture Officer Sri. U. Vasantha Rao, and AEOs G. Sharanya & P. Samatha, Jagdevpur FPO farmers along with 32 farmers from the village have participated in the programme.

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