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A Nuffield International Scholar-cum-Director Global Farmer Network (Ex), Ms Hope Pjeskya, who is closely associated with Ms Julie Borlaug of US, visited the Department of Vegetable Science, Punjab Agricultural University (PAU).
Dr Tarsem Singh Dhillon, Head, Department of Vegetable Science, discussed new initiatives in vegetable research, extension and teaching, taken by the department for the welfare of farming community. While conducting the visit to the vegetable research farm and demonstration area, Dr Dhillon showcased the new varieties of carrot, pea, chili and other vegetables.
Ms Pjeskya also visited the protected cultivation research trials on the tomato, cucumber, capsicum and French beans. She appreciated the remarkable research work done by the department. Besides, she hailed the efforts put in to develop coloured carrot varieties such as Punjab Black Beauty, Punjab Jamuni and Punjab Roshani for having immense nutrients as well as antioxidant potential. She also lauded the nutritional kitchen garden model for ensuring the nutritional security of the masses.
Accompanying the visiting delegate, Dr Malwinder Singh Malhi discussed the role of vegetables in ensuring the food and nutritional securities.
Dr Rajinder Kumar Dhall, Principle Olericulturist, Department of Vegetable Science, welcomed the US-based farmer and proposed a vote of thanks.

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