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Central Institute of Brackishwater Aquaculture (CIBA), Chennai is one of the national institutes under the nation’s apex body, Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR), Govt. of India. ICAR CIBA, established on 1st April 1987 serves as the nodal agency for research and development of brackishwater aquaculture in the country. The institute with a vision of environmentally sustainable, economically viable and socially acceptable e brackishwater aquaculture, is involved in R&D with focus on breeding and seed production technology for candidate brackishwater finfish and shellfish, cost effective indigenous formulated feeds, environment and fish health management, brackishwater farm and health management, population genetics and stock improvement, social research etc.

Course Background
Culture of brackishwater finfishes is emerging as promising area in brackishwater aquaculture sector, since it provides many options to farmers to choose suitable species out of diversified potential candidate species for farming practice. Species diversification is very essential for sustainability since the varying nature of brackishwater bodies in India require different finfish species with respect to its adaptation to different salinity regime, feeding habits, growth rate etc. To expand the brackishwater finfish culture on large scale basis, availability of quality fish seed in adequate quantity is very essential. The ICAR-Central Institute of Brackishwater Aquaculture has developed a comprehensive technology package for seed production of Asian Seabass Lates calcarifer, milkfish Chanos chanos, Pearl spot Etroplus suratensis taken lead role in standardizing seed production of Grey mullet Mugil cephalus & Mangrove red snapper Lutjanus argentimaculatus. CIBA has developed breeding protocols for brackishwater ornamental fishes such as Silver moony Monodactylus argenteus and Spotted scat Scatophagus argus. CIBA has also successfully demonstrated farming of brackishwater finfishes such as seabass, mullet, milkfish and Pearlspot in the farmers ponds. In order to transfer the latest technology developed in this field, training programme is being conducted at ICAR- CIBA, Chennai for 5 days from 7th to 11th August 2023 to provide hands on training on “Advances in seed production and farming of brackishwater finfishes”. The presentations of the lectures are based on the field experience and knowledge gained by the distinguished scientists working in their specialized fields.

To impart knowledge on the latest technology developed in the field of brackish water finfish breeding and culture.


  • The training will consist of a blend of lectures, practicals, interactive discussion and hands on training on the following:
  • Recent trends in Indian brackishwater finfish aquaculture
  • An overview of Induced breeding techniques of brackishwater fishfishes
  • Induced breeding, larval rearing and seed production of food fishes such as Asian seabass Lates calcarifer, milkfish Chanos chanos, grey mullet Mugil cephalus, pearlspot Etroplus suratensis, brackishwater catfish Mystus gulio and brackishwater ornamental fishes such as Silver moony Monodactylus argenteus, Spotted scat Scatophagus argus, Orange chromide Pseudetroplus maculatus.
  • Culture of live food organisms- algae, rotifer, artemia and copepods
  • Health management in brackishwater finfish hatchery
  • Recirculatory Aquaculture System (RAS) for broodstock maturation & grow-out farming
  • Nutrient requirement & feed preparation of cultivable brackishwater fishes
  • Genetic factors in broodstock management for finfish hatchery
  • Fish hatchery management with special reference to water quality parameters
  • Hormonal control of reproduction in brackishwater farmed finfishes
  • Nursery rearing and grow out culture of Asian seabass, milkfish, grey mullets, pearl spot & brackishwater catfish
  • Transportation methodology and mitigation of transportation and handling stress in fish and shellfish
  • Soil and water requirements & management for brackishwater finfish culture
  • Bioremediation approaches for enhanced finfish production
  • Discharge water treatment for environmentally sustainable brackishwater aquaculture


Nomination and Course Fee

The application form must be accompanied by course fee in the form of Demand Draft of Rs. 6500/- (Rs. 5330 + 18 % GST) drawn in favour of ICAR UNIT – CIBA, Account No. 10013240762, IFSC Code: SBIN0005797, payable at State Bank of India, Santhome Branch, Chennai-600028. Applications should reach in advance for consideration. The employed candidates should apply through proper channel. The selected candidates will be intimated by post/e-mail and they should report on the first day of the commencement of the training course. Application along with the course fee is to be sent to Director, ICAR-Central Institute of Brackishwater Aquaculture, 75, Santhome High Road, Raja Annamalai Puram, Chennai – 600 028. Last date for receiving the nominations is 1st August 2023.

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