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Dear Delegates,
It is with immense pleasure that we welcome you on behalf of the Asian PGPR Society and its Indian Chapter for Sustainable Agriculture to the 9th Asian PGPR India Chapter National Conference on “The Beneficial Microbes as Integrated Approach for Sustainable Agriculture: Opportunities & Challenges” scheduled to be held from 29-30 July, 2024 at Bharathiar University, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India. This conference is being organized in collaboration with Asian PGPR Society for Sustainable Agriculture supported by various educational, industrial, entrepreneurial and media partners. As PGPR associated technologies are currently experiencing a dramatic increase, research on the interactions between PGPR and crops has become vital and is considered to play a key role for the future of sustainable and organic agriculture. PGPR shows a significant role in the sustainable agriculture that can increase the demand for crop production with a considerable reduction of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides use is a big challenge nowadays. This conference pays tribute to the growing significance of bio-fertilizers, bio- fungicides, bio-pesticides, bio-stimulants, bio-herbicides, bio-nematicides, etc. while, identifying newly emerging technologies in the league. Hence, we cordially welcome you to join us and witness the advances in agriculture on the use of PGPR strategies to the next generation of green revolution in safe food production. In this conference, we bring together the academia, researchers, entrepreneurs, policy makers, progressive farmers and Government officials comprising a core team of technical experts from across India to deliberate and understand the strengths and weaknesses in developing PGPR associated technologies for use by farming communities across the country. The outputs would form a strong foundation in addressing the issues of global food security in terms of using PGPR associated technologies from lab to field. The agenda of the 9th Asian PGPR India Chapter National conference is to create a good platform for scientific deliberations and discussions on PGPR research by means of national and global networking between academia and industry visionaries. In addition, Nationally renowned speakers, academicians, industrialists and policy makers those who are doing research on PGPR have been invited for research collaboration in sustainable agriculture which in turn useful for entrepreneurial opportunity for young minds.

Conference themes
Theme 1: Fundamental & Applied Research PGPR, Bio-inoculants, other beneficial microorganisms and phytochemicals for crop improvement, integrated pest & disease management.
Theme 2: Engineering & Technology Research Microbial Biotechnology, Microbiome Engineering, soil and plant health management.
Theme 3: Impact of Climate and Nanotechnology Carbon Sequestration, Climate Resilience, Mitigation, Semiochemicals, Nano-PGPR, Nano-biostimulants, Nano nutrients & Nano-farming for integrated approach.
Theme 4: ICT, Geo and Drone Technologies Artificial Intelligence, Digitalization, Gene editing, Robotics, Drone technology and GPS coupled with PGPR technology in modern agriculture.
Theme 5: Commercialization of PGPR Entrepreneurial opportunity, Product development,
Economy and Commercialization of PGPR in Smart farming.
Theme 6: Regulatory, Safety & IPR Strategies Global opportunities, Regulatory affairs, Policy, Safety & IPR strategies for PGPR technologies in agriculture.

Salient features of the Conference
Good platform for scientific deliberations and discussions.
Information, benchmarking and networking offered at
one place.
National & Global networking between PGPR researchers.
Nationally renowned speakers for research collaboration.
Structured scientific programmes for sustainable agriculture .
Convene academia and industry visionaries to get inspired.
Problem solving skills in organic agriculture.
Gain the knowledge to find solutions for problems.
Career guidance for students and scholars of next generation.
Entrepreneurial opportunity for young minds.
Poster and oral presentations and world class stall exhibitions.
MOUs among interested groups of academia and industries and policy makers.
Making global opportunities between stakeholders

Dates to be remembered
Early bird Registration: June 30, 2024
Last date for Registration: July 10, 2024
Last date for Submission of Abstract: June 30, 2024
Last date for Submission of Full Paper: July 10, 2024
On spot Registration: July 29, 2024

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