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The ICAR-Central Tuber Crops Research Institute at its 60th year of inception has made significant contributions viz., development of 68 improved varieties, crop production practices including organic farming, SSNM, INM and good agricultural practices, protocols for quality planting material production, pests and diseases management packages, value added food and industrial products and ICT tools including crop growth models and decision support systems. The research projects have been playing an important role for the development of improved varieties; production, protection and value addition technologies; machineries; ICT tools, statistics and bioinformatics tools for meeting the demands of farmers and other stakeholders. The projects are being undertaken by the 42 Scientists of Crop Improvement, Crop Production, Crop Protection, Crop Utilization and Extension & Social Sciences. The 49th Annual Institute Research Council (IRC) meeting of ICAR-CTCRI was held during 17-20 April 2023. The meeting was inaugurated on 17 April 2023 by Dr. G. Byju, Director and Chairman, IRC.

The Director made a presentation on Salient research achievements and targets of ICAR-CTCRI. During his inaugural speech, he congratulated all the scientists and other staff members for their dedication and commitment towards research programmes through which ICAR-CTCRI has bagged the 14th position in the ranking among 93 ICAR Institutes during 2022. The Chairman urged all the scientists to apply for external aided projects, publish research papers in high rated journals, generate revenue through technology commercialization, consultancy and sale of technological products besides undertaking research and extension programmes. The Director also informed that the scientists are expected to deliver ‘One Scientist One Product’ (OSOP) for which the Institute has recently published a document on ‘One Scientist One Product for the year 2023’ as per the suggestion by the Secretary, DARE and Director General, ICAR, New Delhi. Subsequently, under the Chairmanship of the Director, all the 42 projects under 8 Institute mega projects and 3 developmental projects viz., SCSP, TSP and NEH were presented by the project leaders in five sessions viz., Crop Improvement, Crop Production, Crop Protection, Crop Utilization and Extension and Social Sciences during 17-20 April 2023. Significant achievements and outputs of all the projects were thoroughly discussed and finalized the technical programme and targets for the year 2023-2024. Six new project proposals and 3 new experiments under ongoing research projects were presented and approved during the meeting. Twenty four externally aided projects of the Institute were also discussed during the meeting. The meeting was Chaired by Dr. G. Byju, Director and Co-chaired by Dr. J. Sreekumar, SIC, Extension & Social Sciences; Dr. S.S. Veena, Head (A), Crop Protection; Dr. A.N. Jyothi, SIC, Crop Utilization; Dr. G. Suja, Head (A), Crop Production; Dr. P. Murugesan, Head (A), Crop Improvement; Dr. K. Laxminarayana, SIC, RS, Bhubaneswar. Dr. T. Makeshkumar, SIC, PME Cell convened the meeting. Dr. D. Jaganathan, Senior Scientist and Member Secretary organized the 49th IRC meeting.

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