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Three eminent scientists, namely Dr Lourdes Cordes, Center Director; Dr Megan Dewdney and Dr Tripti Vashisth from Citrus Research and Education Centre, University of Florida, USA, were on a three-day visit to Punjab Agricultural University (PAU), its research station and processing plant. The delegation members were highly impressed by the fruit science initiatives taken by the PAU to provide a leg-up to the horticulture in the Punjab state.

Welcoming the delegation, Dr Ajmer Singh Dhatt, Director of Research, stated that the visit of the foreign delegation to the PAU was a testament to the fortification of horticulture in Punjab.

Dr MIS Gill, Dean, College of Horticulture and Forestry, informed that the delegation commended the University’s dedication in ensuring the success of citrus cultivation in the region. This visit symbolized the strengthening of international collaboration for the advancement of fruit science in Punjab, he added.

During their visit, the visiting scientists delivered lectures in the Department of Fruit Science, and captivated the students with their extensive knowledge and research insights. While touring the campus, the scientists appreciated the quality of the citrus nursery being produced by PAU.

In a pivotal meeting, the scientists of the School of Agricultural Biotechnology (SAB) at PAU highlighted the latest research endeavors being undertaken. The US scientists generously guided the students about the prospects of studies in the University of Florida, USA. This mentorship not only nurtured the students’ passion but also paved the way for promising future academic alliances.

Besides, the team visited the Regional Fruit Research Station Abohar, where they engaged in fruitful discussions with the Station’s scientists. The team extolled the orchards of the innovative citrus growers, specifically, that of Siddarth Periwal, Pardeep Dabra and Raghav Sharda.

At the Fruit Processing Plant, Alamgarh, the team was deeply impressed by the concerted efforts made by the PAU and the Punjab Government in guiding and facilitating the citrus growers across the state.

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