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ICAR- ICAR-IISWC, RC, Koraput organized one day  field day cum training on Enhancing Farmers Income by Adopting Jhola Kundi under RKVY project (Assessment of performance of traditional water harvesting structure Jhola kundi in enhancing socio-economic status of tribal in Koraput district, Odisha ) on 18.10.2023 at Vill- Minapai GP- Upper Kutinga Block- Laxmipur, Dist-Koraput, Odisha. Initiating the training programme, Dr S.K.Kar, Sci (LWME) briefed in details about technical aspects jhola kundi and urged the farmers to adopt the technology to meet the water requirement during especially in rabi and summer vegetable cultivation for their betterment. Dr. J. Lenka, facilitated the interaction session with farmers where farmers shared their views on how benefit generated from jhola kundis in operation, what are the crops taken using water stored in the Jhola kundi and financial benefits reaped by them and low cost vermi bed preparation, do’s and don’ts related to vermi compost preparation and care of earthworms, installation of vermibeds and filling of bedding material were shared with the farmers. The details on technical aspects, importance, dosage and application procedure of micronutrient and fertilizer use in different crops were explained in by Sh G.W. Barla.  A total of 57 farmers (35 male and 22 women farmers) from 4 different villages of Laxmipur blocks, Dist-Koraput participated in the programme. During interaction session farmers query were clarified by scientists and technical officers. Sh. G.B.Naik, (ACTO), conducted the question answer session where farmers were clarified by Scientists and state watershed department officers. Sh. G.W.Barla. (STO) participated and assisted in organizing the training programme. Demonstration of different practices was given in the Jhola kundi sites of Vill- Minapai. The programme was Co-ordinated by Dr J. Lenka., Sci cum CoPI.

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