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Continuing with their success in the field of cloning, scientists of the Central Institute for Research on Buffaloes (ICAR-CIRB), Hisar, have achieved another milestone by producing a male buffalo calf (Veer Gaurav) through ovum pick up and in-vitro embryo production (OPU-IVEP) Technology from the semen of cloned bull (Hisar Gaurav) and elite female buffalo. Using this technology, we can produce superior males and females which shall be useful in improving the genetic progress of the breed. “To this technology, sexed semen technology can be combined to produce superior female off springs”, said Dr. Sajjan Singh, Head Animal Physiology and Reproduction’s Division, ICAR-CIRB.

The team members comprising Dr Jerome, Dr. RK Sharma, Dr. PS Yadav, Dr. D Kumar, Dr. Meeti, Dr. Rajesh and Dr. Rupali were instrumental for this achievement. The proficiency of NDDB experts Dr. Gorani and Dr. Layek in this attempt is appreciable. It is noteworthy that, earlier ICAR-CIRB had produced the clone (Hisar Gaurav) of progeny tested bull (PT4354). “OPU-IVEP has opened avenue for production and dissemination of superior male and female buffalo germplasm”, said Dr TK Datta, Director, ICAR-CIRB.

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