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What is the information about yellow leaf disease control in paddy crop?

Yellow leaf disease is a major problem in paddy crop cultivation. It causes a significant decrease in the yield of the crop, and if not controlled properly, it can even lead to crop failure. The disease is caused by a fungus called Pyricularia oryzae, which thrives in warm and moist conditions.

Symptoms of Yellow Leaf Disease:

The first symptom of yellow leaf disease is the appearance of small, yellowish spots on the leaves of the paddy crop. These spots gradually enlarge and turn brown or greyish-brown. As the disease progresses, the leaves become yellow and begin to wither. In severe cases, the disease can spread to all the leaves of the crop, and the crop may die.

Control Measures:

1. Use disease-resistant varieties: Growing disease-resistant varieties of paddy is the most effective way to control yellow leaf disease. There are several varieties available that are resistant to the disease, such as IR36, IR42, and IR50. Farmers should choose the right variety depending on their local conditions.

2. Plant healthy seedlings: Farmers should use only healthy seedlings for paddy crop cultivation. They should inspect the seedlings carefully for any signs of disease before planting them.

3. Proper irrigation management: Over-irrigation and stagnant water can promote the growth of the fungus that causes yellow leaf disease. Farmers should practice proper irrigation management, ensuring that the fields are well-drained and not waterlogged.

4. Balanced fertilizer application: Balanced fertilizer application helps to maintain the health and vigour of the paddy crop, making it less susceptible to yellow leaf disease.

5. Timely application of fungicides: Farmers should apply fungicides at the right time to control yellow leaf disease. The application should be done as early as possible to prevent the spread of the disease.


Yellow leaf disease is a significant challenge for paddy crop growers. However, it can be controlled with the right measures. Growing disease-resistant varieties, planting healthy seedlings, practicing proper irrigation management, applying balanced fertilizers, and timely application of fungicides are effective ways to control yellow leaf disease in paddy crops. Farmers must follow these measures, as prevention is always better than cure.

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