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What are the recommended mustard varieties for irrigated areas?

Mustard is a well-known oilseed crop, grown for its oil and leaves. It is a highly adaptable crop and can grow successfully in a wide range of environmental conditions. Like all other crops, mustard too has specific requirements for its growth and yield. When it comes to irrigated areas, mustard growers need to choose their variety carefully. Here is a guide to the recommended mustard varieties that can be grown in irrigated areas.

1. RH-30: RH-30 is a high-yielding, early maturing and widely preferred mustard variety for irrigated areas. This variety has a high oil content and is resistant to diseases such as Alternaria and white rust.

2. Varuna: Another popular variety for irrigated areas is Varuna. It is an early maturing variety with a high oil content. This variety shows resistance to fungal diseases such as Alternaria and wilting.

3. Pusa Bold: A late-maturing variety, Pusa Bold is highly resistant to wilt and produces high yields. This variety has a low glucosinolate content, which makes the oil produced from it more suitable for human consumption.

4. Coral-437: Coral-437 is a semi-dwarf mustard variety that is preferred in irrigated areas. This variety matures early and produces good seed yields. Coral-437 has good resistance to Alternaria and white rust.

5. Varun, Giriraj, and T-59: These are some other popular mustard varieties that can be grown in irrigated areas. All three are early maturing and high yielding varieties that produce good-quality oil with low saturated fatty acid content.

When choosing a mustard variety for irrigated areas, it is important to consider factors such as soil type, temperature, water availability, and pest and disease pressure. In addition to the above-listed varieties, there are many other mustard varieties that are suitable for irrigated areas. Growers should carefully evaluate the pros and cons of each variety before making a decision. By choosing the right mustard variety, growers can increase their chances of success and profitability.

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