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Total dosage of fertilizers in cotton crop

As one of the most important cash crops, cotton plays a significant role in the economy of many countries. It’s widely grown for its fiber, which is used in the manufacturing of a broad range of products, including textiles, paper products, and medical supplies.

To produce a good cotton crop, farmers need to supply adequate nutrients to the plant. Fertilizers not only boost plant growth but also enhance yield and quality. However, the amount of fertilizers required varies with different soil types, cotton varieties, climate conditions, and farming practices.

The total dosage of fertilizers in cotton crop should be carefully calculated to achieve optimum growth and yield without damaging the environment. The recommended total dose for cotton crops ranges from 140-200 kg nitrogen (N), 60-75 kg phosphorous (P), and 50-60 kg potassium (K) per hectare.

Cotton plants require a high amount of nitrogen for vegetative growth and to synthesize proteins that are essential for fiber development. However, excessive nitrogen use can lead to delayed maturity, lower fiber quality, and increased disease incidence.

Phosphorus is also essential for root formation, improved flower, and boll development, and overall plant growth. Though cotton requires lower amounts of phosphorus, proper use can increase fruiting, photosynthesis, and stringer boll retention.

Potassium plays a crucial role in water regulation inside the plant, and better standability. It also enhances the quality of the fiber, making it longer, stronger, and more robust.

Farmers can achieve the optimum dosage by conducting a soil test before planting to determine the soil’s fertility level and nutrient deficiencies. This test helps farmers to make informed decisions when selecting the appropriate fertilizers and the amount to apply.

In conclusion, the total dosage of fertilizers for cotton crop depends on several factors such as soil fertility, weather conditions, and the cotton variety. The fertilization regime should be followed correctly to achieve higher yields and better fiber quality without damaging the environment.

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