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Suitable Paddy Varieties for Sornavari Season

Certainly! Here’s an article on suitable paddy varieties for Sornavari season:

Title: Maximizing Yields: Paddy Varieties Ideal for Sornavari Season

Sornavari season, also known as the post-monsoon period, is a crucial time for paddy farmers. Selecting the right paddy variety during this season can significantly impact yield and overall profitability. To aid farmers in making informed decisions, we present a comprehensive guide featuring the most suitable paddy varieties for Sornavari season cultivation.

1. Samba Masuri:
Samba Masuri, a popular choice among farmers, is a high-yielding variety best suited for Sornavari season. With a shorter maturity duration of around 120 days, Samba Masuri adapts well to erratic weather patterns and requires less water for cultivation. Known for its excellent grain quality, this variety fetches a good market price, making it a favorite among farmers looking for profitability.

2. CO (R) 48:
Another suitable paddy variety for Sornavari season is CO (R) 48, which exhibits strong resistance to diseases and pests. Developed by agricultural scientists, this variety boasts a high yield potential while tolerating adverse weather conditions. Its medium maturity period of approximately 130-140 days makes it a flexible choice for farmers operating in diverse regions.

3. Narendra Dhan 105:
Narendra Dhan 105, a semi-dwarf variety, is well-suited for Sornavari cultivation due to its ability to endure unfavorable conditions. This variety maintains grain quality even under stress, making it an ideal choice for farmers facing unpredictable weather during the post-monsoon period. Narendra Dhan 105 has a maturity period of around 120-130 days and can provide good yields when cultivated with proper care and management.

4. MTU 1010:
MTU 1010, released by the Indian Institute of Rice Research, is gaining popularity among farmers for Sornavari season cultivation. This variety is recommended for areas prone to pests, diseases, or even drought-like conditions during the post-monsoon period. With its shorter maturity duration of approximately 120 to 125 days, MTU 1010 ensures a consistent and favorable harvest.

5. HMT (Raw) 7:
HMT (Raw) 7 is another paddy variety that thrives during the Sornavari season. It showcases intermediate resistance to major diseases and pests, reducing the need for excessive pesticide application. HMT (Raw) 7 has a medium duration of around 130-135 days and is known to deliver good yields in favorable agro-climatic conditions, making it a viable option for farmers.

Selecting suitable paddy varieties is crucial for optimizing yields during the Sornavari season. Farmers must consider factors like climate, local conditions, pest, and disease prevalence while making their choices. By opting for high-yielding and disease-resistant varieties such as Samba Masuri, CO (R) 48, Narendra Dhan 105, MTU 1010, and HMT (Raw) 7, farmers can ensure a successful paddy harvest during the post-monsoon period. It is advisable to consult local agricultural experts or extension officers for further guidance on the appropriate paddy variety as per your specific region and requirements.

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