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Suitable paddy varieties for Navarai season

Title: Exploring Suitable Paddy Varieties for Navarai Season


With the onset of the Navarai season, farmers and agriculture enthusiasts eagerly search for the most suitable paddy varieties to cultivate during this time. Known for its optimal climate conditions, Navarai offers an opportunity to maximize paddy yield and quality. In this article, we will explore some of the most suitable paddy varieties for Navarai cultivation, considering factors such as climate resilience, disease resistance, and market demand.

1. Samba Mahsuri:

Samba Mahsuri is a popular paddy variety known for its high-yielding potential and wide adaptability to different climatic conditions. It is a semi-dwarf plant with a relatively short maturity period. The grains are slender and aromatic, making them preferred by consumers for various rice-based dishes. Additionally, Samba Mahsuri exhibits excellent resistance to diseases, making it an ideal choice for Navarai cultivation.

2. ADT-46:

ADT-46, developed by the Agricultural Research Station in Tamil Nadu, is another paddy variety suitable for Navarai season cultivation. This variety has a shorter duration, allowing farmers to harvest sooner, thereby reducing vulnerability to unexpected weather changes. ADT-46 demonstrates moderate resistance against brown spot disease, which is common during this season. Its grains are slender, long, and possess excellent taste and cooking quality, making it a highly demanded variety in the market.

3. CO-47:

CO-47 is a paddy variety widely grown during the Navarai season in many regions. It is renowned for its medium maturity period, allowing farmers to strategize their cultivation and harvest. The grains are medium-sized with good cooking quality, making them suitable for a variety of dishes. CO-47 showcases resilience against diseases like blast, leaf spot, and neck blast, providing farmers with reassurance against potential crop damage.

4. TNAU ADT-43:

TNAU ADT-43 is a high-yielding paddy variety, ideal for Navarai season cultivation. Possessing a relatively shorter maturation period of 125 to 135 days, it ensures a speedy life cycle. The grains of ADT-43 are long, slender, and have excellent cooking quality, making them a preferred choice among consumers. This variety showcases good resistance against diseases like blast, bacterial leaf blight, and sheath rot, enhancing overall crop health.


Choosing the right paddy variety is crucial to ensure a successful cultivation season and maximize yield and profit. The mentioned paddy varieties – Samba Mahsuri, ADT-46, CO-47, and TNAU ADT-43 – have demonstrated their suitability for Navarai season cultivation, considering their resilience to diseases, adaptability to the climate, and market demand. However, it is recommended that farmers consult local agricultural experts or extension centers to assess the specific requirements and conditions of their respective regions before making a final decision. By selecting the appropriate paddy variety, farmers can optimize their crop yield and contribute to the overall prosperity of the agricultural sector.

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