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Sowing time of PR 126 paddy variety

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Paddy or rice is an important staple crop of India. With the increasing demand for rice production, scientists have come up with new varieties that can cope up with the ever-changing environmental conditions. One such variety is PR 126, which is popular among farmers due to its high yield and disease resistance.

Sowing time plays a crucial role in the yield and quality of rice crops. PR 126 is a semi-dwarf variety that requires a proper sowing time to produce maximum yield. The ideal time for sowing this variety is from the middle of June to the end of July, depending on the weather conditions.

Before sowing, make sure the land is well-drained and has abundant sunlight. Proper land preparation is also essential to ensure the uniform germination of seeds and good crop growth. The recommended planting density for PR 126 is around 100-120 kg per acre, and the seeds should be sown at a depth of 1-1.5 inches.

PR 126 is a high yielding variety that requires timely and adequate application of nutrients for optimal growth and development. A balanced dose of Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium should be given at an appropriate time, depending on the crop growth stage. Proper irrigation throughout the crop cycle is also necessary to maximize yield potential.

Harvesting of PR 126 starts around 130-140 days after sowing, depending on the weather conditions and other environmental variables. The crop should be harvested when the paddy grains turn golden yellow, and moisture content reduces to around 20-25%. Proper care should be taken to avoid grain damage and ensure that the harvested grains are free from pests and diseases.

In conclusion, PR 126 is a popular variety among farmers due to its high yield potential and disease resistance. However, proper sowing time, nutrient management, and irrigation practices are essential to realize its full yield potential. With proper care and management, PR 126 can be a profitable crop for farmers, meeting the increasing demand for rice production.

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