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பூஞ்சை தாக்குதல்கள் நெல் பயிர்களை கடுமையாக சேதப்படுத்தும், இதனால் விளைச்சல் குறைந்து விவசாயிகளுக்கு

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Money not getting for Pradhan Mantri Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojna

Title: The Plight of Farmers: Delays in Pradhan Mantri Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojna Payments


The Pradhan Mantri Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojna (PM-KISAN) was launched in February 2019 to alleviate the financial burdens faced by our country’s hardworking farmers. Under this scheme, eligible farmers are entitled to receive direct income support of ₹6,000 annually, with the amount disbursed in three equal installments. However, despite the government’s best intentions, the implementation of the scheme has been marred by significant delays and administrative hurdles, leaving many farmers struggling to receive their rightful payments.

Explanation of PM-KISAN Scheme

The PM-KISAN scheme aims to provide financial assistance to small and marginal farmers, recognizing their integral role in the nation’s food production. The scheme assures an annual income of ₹6,000 ($80) per farmer household and targets the vulnerable farming community who often face financial instability due to unpredictable weather conditions, market fluctuations, and rising input costs.

The Delay Dilemma

While the PM-KISAN scheme has been effective in recognizing the importance of supporting farmers, its execution has been riddled with delays and complexities. The most significant issue has been the substantial time lag experienced by farmers between enrollment and receiving payments.

One of the major reasons for the delay is the cumbersome documentation and verification process involved. Farmers must submit various documents proving their land ownership, entitlement, and identification. These processes can be particularly challenging for those residing in remote rural areas, often lacking proper access to information and assistance.

Additionally, issues related to connectivity and technical glitches in the administrative process have hampered the efficient transfer of funds to the beneficiaries. Farmers often have to make repeated visits to government offices and local banks, wasting precious time and resources.

The Consequences for Farmers

The delays in receiving PM-KISAN payments have resulted in severe financial distress for countless farmers across the country. Many depend heavily on this financial assistance to cover basic expenses, purchase agricultural inputs, and invest in improving their farming practices. The delays have also intensified the cycle of indebtedness, forcing farmers to rely on informal moneylenders with exorbitant interest rates, exacerbating their already deteriorating financial situation.

The Way Forward

To address the prevailing challenges and to ensure timely disbursement of funds, it is crucial for the government to take prompt action. Here are a few suggested measures that can be implemented:

1. Simplifying the documentation process: The government should streamline the verification procedure by accepting alternative identification and land ownership documents to ease the burden on farmers, particularly those in remote areas.

2. Increased digital infrastructure: Enhancing digital connectivity in rural areas and ensuring robust technical infrastructure at government offices and banks will expedite the process of verifying beneficiaries and transferring funds.

3. Awareness campaigns: Conducting regular awareness campaigns to educate farmers about the PM-KISAN scheme, the application process, and the requirements for successful enrollment can help mitigate confusion and make the process more transparent.

4. Grievance redressal mechanisms: Establishing dedicated helplines and grievance redressal systems that allow farmers to seek assistance, report delays, and address any discrepancies will contribute to improving efficiency and accountability.


The Pradhan Mantri Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojna aims to uplift farmers from financial burdens and contribute to their overall wellbeing. However, the scheme’s objective cannot be achieved if deserving farmers continue to face delays in receiving their payments. By addressing the administrative complexities and implementing the suggested measures, the government can ensure the timely disbursement of funds, providing much-needed support to our hardworking farmers and safeguarding their invaluable contribution to our nation’s food security.

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