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Information regarding fertilizer dose in B.T. cotton at sowing time

As one of the leading cash crops in the world, cotton cultivation is definitely not something to take lightly. The yield of cotton is directly proportional to the amount and timing of fertilizers applied to the soil. In the case of B.T. cotton, it is even more critical to be accurate with the application of fertilizers.

Before reaching for your favorite fertilizer, it is important to first test the soil. This will help to determine the soil’s nutrient content and what nutrients it might lack. A soil test can be done through any agricultural laboratory or government agency. Once the soil test results come back, a recommendation can be made for the appropriate fertilizer to use.

At sowing time, using nitrogenous fertilizers can be beneficial for the growth of the crop. Typically, 20 to 25 kg of nitrogen fertilizer, such as urea, is needed per hectare of land. Phosphorus fertilizers, such as single superphosphate or diammonium phosphate, can be applied at the rate of 50 kg per hectare, followed by the application of potash fertilizers at a rate of 25 to 50 kg per hectare.

Timing is also critical when it comes to applying fertilizers. It is important to apply fertilizers during the pre-planting or sowing stage to ensure that the nutrients are available to the plants during initial growth. The application of fertilizers should be done at least two weeks before sowing the B.T. cotton seeds.

It is also possible to mix water-soluble fertilizers with water and apply them to the soil around the plant roots during the growth stages of the cotton plant. However, this should be done with caution to avoid applying too much or too little fertilizer, which could harm the plant.

In conclusion, B.T. cotton requires a specified amount of fertilizers to grow successfully. The appropriate fertilizer dose will depend on the soil test result and the timing of planting. It is important to follow the recommended guidelines when applying fertilizers to ensure that the crop is getting the right amount of nutrients to produce a healthy yield.

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