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Foliar spray for increasing grain yield of wheat

Foliar spray is an effective method used by farmers to increase the grain yield of wheat. This method involves the application of nutrients directly onto the leaves of the wheat plant, which helps to improve the overall health and growth of the plant. Here are some key factors to keep in mind when considering foliar spray for wheat:

Why Foliar Spray?

Foliar spray provides wheat plants with an additional source of nutrients to support their growth and development. It has been proven to increase the yield of wheat crops in many parts of the world. Aside from its effectiveness, foliar spray is also cost-effective and easy to apply, making it an attractive option for farmers looking to boost their yields.

Nutrients for Foliar Spray

When it comes to foliar spray, the type of nutrient used can have a significant impact on its effectiveness. Nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus are essential nutrients for the growth and development of wheat plants. Additionally, micronutrients such as zinc, copper, and boron are also important for healthy plant growth.

Timing and Frequency

The timing and frequency of foliar spray applications are crucial to ensure that wheat plants receive the nutrients they need at the right time. Most farmers apply foliar spray during the growing season, typically between the vegetative and reproductive stages of the wheat plant. This timing helps to ensure that the wheat plant is receiving the nutrients it needs to produce healthy grains.

Application Method

There are several ways in which farmers can apply foliar spray to wheat plants. The most common methods include aerial spraying or ground application using a boom sprayer. Regardless of the application method used, it is essential to ensure that the nutrients are well-distributed across the plant and that the spray is applied when environmental conditions are favorable.


Foliar spray is an effective and affordable method for increasing the grain yield of wheat crops. By providing wheat plants with essential nutrients like nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus, foliar spray can help to boost the overall health and growth of the plant. Farmers should consider factors like nutrient type, timing and frequency of application, and application method to ensure that they get the most out of foliar spray. By using these strategies, farmers can help to ensure that their wheat crops thrive and produce high-quality, healthy grains.

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