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Fertilizer dose at the time of paddy(Jhona) planting

As the most important crop in Asian agriculture, paddy or rice cultivation has been a crucial source of food for centuries. To ensure a healthy harvest, it is essential to correctly apply fertilizer at the time of planting. Fertilizer dose at the time of paddy planting is critical as it directly affects not only the yield but also the quality of the rice produced.

Before applying fertilizer, the soil’s nutrient content must be determined to determine the proper dosage and type of fertilizer. Fertilizer should be applied a few weeks before the planting, as this allows it to mix with the soil effectively. After application, it is essential to till the soil to mix the fertilizer thoroughly.

At planting, fertilizer should be applied in two forms, organic and inorganic. An organic fertilizer, such as compost, adds nutrients to the soil slowly over time, providing a steady supply of essential nutrients. Meanwhile, an inorganic fertilizer, also known as chemical fertilizer, adds nutrients quickly, helping young plants establish roots and grow faster. As such, applying both organic and inorganic fertilizer at the time of planting paddy ensures optimal soil quality and plant health.

In terms of the dosage, the amount and type of fertilizer required depend on several factors. These include soil quality, season, and paddy variety. However, it is generally recommended to apply around 100-130 kg of nitrogen, 40-45 kg of phosphorus, and 40-50 kg of potassium (NPK) per hectare. These nutrients are necessary for the proper growth of young paddy plants, development of healthy root systems, and overall yield.

In conclusion, the correct application of fertilizer at the time of paddy planting is essential to ensure healthy plant growth, optimal yield, and quality rice production. Proper cultivation practices will not only produce a high-quality harvest but also ensure soil conservation and protection of the environment. Therefore, all farmers should familiarize themselves with the best cultivation practices and seek expert advice to ensure they apply the correct fertilizer dose when planting paddy.

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