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Farmer wants about Pashudhan Sanjeevni toll-free number

Farmers in India have long been struggling with various issues such as crop diseases, insect attacks, and lack of knowledge on the latest agricultural practices. They have to rely on agriculture experts and government agencies for guidance, which can be a tedious process. However, the Pashudhan Sanjeevni toll-free number is changing the scenario by providing farmers with easy access to expert guidance on animal care and management.

The Pashudhan Sanjeevni toll-free number is a service launched by the Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare to provide instant access to veterinary experts for animal-related queries. Farmers can simply call on the toll-free number 1962 and speak to veterinary doctors who are available 24*7 to help them with their concerns. This service is available in Hindi and English languages.

The Pashudhan Sanjeevni toll-free number is a part of the government’s Digital India initiative, which aims to provide citizens with easy access to various government schemes and services. With this service, farmers can get instant guidance on various animal health and nutrition-related issues. This toll-free number is considered a game-changer in the agricultural sector as it is expected to benefit millions of farmers across the country.

The service has already proved to be highly beneficial during the current pandemic situation, where farmers were finding it difficult to get access to veterinary services due to lockdowns and travel restrictions. With the toll-free number, farmers can get expert guidance without leaving their homes, ensuring the safety of both farmers and veterinary doctors.

The Pashudhan Sanjeevni toll-free number has been highly appreciated by farmers from various parts of the country. They have praised the service for providing quick and reliable assistance, which has helped them prevent the loss of their livestock. The service has also helped farmers save money that they would otherwise spend on veterinary services.

In conclusion, the Pashudhan Sanjeevni toll-free number is a revolutionary service for farmers in India. It is an easy-to-use and highly effective service that offers farmers quick access to veterinary experts. With this initiative, the government is making efforts to provide a better future for farmers in the country.

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