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District Livestock Farm (Hosur) phone number

District Livestock Farm (Hosur) is an essential facility for the farmers and livestock owners in the region. The farm is located in the Hosur District and offers several services for livestock owners. The farm has become one of the most popular places for livestock owners to take their animals for treatment, care, and sale.

Their services include veterinary support, breeding, and exportation. The veterinary support program provides disease control measures, including vaccinations, treating wounded animals, and other services. The breeding program offers high-quality semen straws and artificial insemination procedures for various species of livestock.

Exportation services cater to the global market, where the District Livestock Farm exports breeds of cattle, buffaloes, and sheep to countries worldwide. The farm’s exportation program is well-regulated and adheres to global standards and health regulations.

For those located in the Hosur District, it’s essential to know the District Livestock Farm’s phone number. The Farm’s phone number is (04344) 260710. By calling this number, farmers, livestock owners, and other users of the facility can inquire about the services provided, schedules, or getting in touch with the veterinary or breeding departments.

Farmers and livestock owners utilize this number when they have emergencies, queries, or require immediate help. The District Livestock Farm values its customers, and having such contact information is vital in building that relationship.

In conclusion, the District Livestock Farm (Hosur) is a top-class facility, providing exceptional services to livestock owners in the region. The farm’s services range from veterinary support, breeding, and exportation. To make inquiries or seek assistance, you can contact the District Livestock Farm at (04344) 260710.

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