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Control of scab and premature leaf fall in fruit set stage

Certainly! Here is an article on controlling scab and premature leaf fall in the fruit set stage:

Controlling Scab and Premature Leaf Fall in Fruit Set Stage

Scab and premature leaf fall can be serious problems for fruit growers during the fruit set stage. Scab is a fungal disease that affects fruits and leaves, and can cause unsightly blemishes and reduce the yield of the crop. Premature leaf fall can also impact yields, as it reduces the amount of energy the tree can produce through photosynthesis. Fortunately, there are several methods available for controlling scab and premature leaf fall during fruit set.

Scab Control

1. Cultural Control – One of the easiest ways to control scab is to create a clean environment for the trees. Clear away fallen leaves and branches, and avoid over-fertilizing or over-irrigating the trees. This helps to reduce the spread of spores and fungal growth.

2. Chemical Control – Adding fungicides to the tree early in the season can help to prevent the growth of scab. Copper-based fungicides are commonly used, as they are effective and non-toxic to humans and animals. Batches are usually applied according to weather conditions and the stage of growth of the trees.

Leaf Fall Control

1. Nutrition – Maintaining proper nutrient levels is essential to prevent premature leaf fall. Potassium and nitrogen are critical at this stage of growth, as they play very important roles in photosynthesis. Magnesium is also important, as it is necessary for the synthesis of chlorophyll.

2. Irrigation – Proper irrigation is a key factor in preventing premature leaf fall. Trees that are water-stressed will often lose their leaves prematurely. Ensure that trees receive enough water, but also avoid over-watering, as this can cause root rot and other problems.

3. Environmental Control – Maintain proper air circulation and avoid crowding the trees. This allows for adequate light and air penetration, which helps to reduce the incidence of fungal diseases that could result in premature leaf fall.

In conclusion, scab and premature leaf fall can be difficult problems for fruit growers, but with the right methods, they can be controlled. By adopting cultural controls such as cleaning the environment, and using chemical controls for scab; and ensuring trees receive adequate nutrition, irrigation, and proper environmental control to prevent premature leaf fall. These methods will go a long way in producing high yield crops.

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