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Title: The Kisan Call Centre: A Lifeline for Farmers


Agriculture is the backbone of many economies worldwide, and farmers play an essential role in nourishing societies and sustaining livelihoods. However, farming can be a challenging profession, with farmers grappling with a myriad of issues ranging from crop diseases to market uncertainties. In India, the call from the Kisan Call Centre has become a valuable resource for farmers, offering expert advice, solutions, and a listening ear.

The Kisan Call Centre:

The Kisan Call Centre, established by the Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare in India, is a toll-free helpline that provides round-the-clock assistance to farmers in distress. Since its inception in 2004, the call centre has emerged as a crucial platform for farmers to seek guidance and support in addressing their agricultural concerns.

Services and Helpline Operations:

Available in 22 regional languages, the Kisan Call Centre has a team of trained agricultural experts who respond to farmers’ queries and provide informational services. Farmers can call the helpline number and seek assistance on a wide range of topics, including crop cultivation techniques, irrigation methods, pest and disease management, market prices, agricultural subsidies, government schemes, and more.

The call centre’s experts provide customized advice based on the specific needs of each farmer, thereby empowering them with the knowledge to make informed decisions. The platform also helps farmers adopt modern agricultural practices, enhance productivity, and stay updated with advancements in the field.

Impact on Farmers:

The Kisan Call Centre has been instrumental in bridging the knowledge gap between researchers, agricultural experts, and farmers. By providing a direct line of communication, it enables farmers to access expert guidance that might not have been easily accessible otherwise. The call centre has become a virtual support system, offering emotional and technical assistance, instilling confidence, and boosting overall morale.

Farmers across rural areas have reported significant improvements in crop yield, pest control, and resource management, thanks to the assistance received from the Kisan Call Centre. By equipping farmers with the necessary knowledge, the call centre has facilitated sustainable farming practices and helped mitigate losses due to crop failure.

Recent Developments and Expansion:

Over the years, the Kisan Call Centre has evolved to adapt to the changing needs of farmers. With the advent of technology, the helpline has incorporated tools such as mobile applications and web-based platforms, enabling farmers to access information through multiple channels.

Furthermore, the Ministry of Agriculture has expanded the call centre’s reach by integrating it with other agricultural initiatives. The Kisan Call Centre now collaborates with the Soil Health Card Scheme, PM Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojana, and other farmer-centric programs, ensuring holistic support for farmers nationwide.


The Kisan Call Centre stands as a testimony to India’s commitment to its agricultural community. By offering expert advice, guidance, and emotional support, the helpline has empowered farmers and breathed new life into the agricultural sector. As the call centre continues to evolve and expand its services, it remains an invaluable lifeline for farmers, reaffirming the government’s dedication to their welfare.

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