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Asking about top dressing fertilizer in paddy plant

Asking About Top Dressing Fertilizer in Paddy Plant

Rice or paddy plant is one of the most important crops in the world. It is a staple food for millions of people and is cultivated in many countries across the globe. Like any other crop, paddy requires nutrients to grow and develop. Among the essential nutrients, soil nitrogen is an important one that its deficiency limits the growth and yield of the paddy plant. Top dressing fertilizer is an innovative technique that can be used to meet the nitrogen needs of paddy plants. This article will talk about top dressing fertilizer and how to apply it to paddy plants.

What is Top Dressing Fertilizer?

Top dressing fertilizer is the process of adding fertilizer to the soil surface during the growing season. It is done to supply the required nutrients to the crops, especially after the initial fertilizer application. In the case of paddy plants, nitrogen is the most desired nutrient during the vegetative and reproductive stages.

The Function of Top Dressing Fertilizer in Paddy Plant

Top dressing fertilizer supplies the plants with needed nutrients when the growth rate is very high. For example, the vegetative stage of the paddy plant is critical and requires ample nitrogen for photosynthesis and growth. Therefore, applying nitrogen fertilizer to the paddy plants during the vegetative stage increases plant biomass, leaf area, and panicle numbers, resulting in increased yield.

The Application of Top Dressing Fertilizer in Paddy Plant

The timing of top dressing fertilizer application is very important. For paddy plants, the first application of nitrogen needs to be done one-week post-seeding. The second and third application should be done at the panicle initiation and heading stages, respectively. If the nitrogen fertilizer is applied too early, there could be a loss of nutrients due to leaching, and if applied too late, plant growth may shorten, and yield may decrease.

The amount of top dressing fertilizer required for paddy plants depends on the type of soil, seed variety, and the growth stage of the plants. Normally, a rate of 30-60 kg of nitrogen per hectare is suggested to paddy farmers. However, it is important to mention that excessive nitrogen fertilizer can cause environmental pollution and financial losses.


Top dressing fertilizer is a technique that helps paddy farmers meet the nitrogen requirement of the paddy plant. Although nitrogen is essential for paddy plants, it must be applied in the right amount at the right stage of plant growth. Therefore, farmers must choose the right timing and rate of nitrogen application for top dressing fertilizer to maximize paddy plant growth and yield.

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