G.B. Pant University of Agriculture & Technology has been a pioneer in research and the popularization of biological control of plant diseases in India. In 2006, the Government of India declared Biocontrol Lab, Pantnagar as a ‘Central Insecticide Lab’ in respect of biopesticides (The Gazette of India G.S.R. 756(E); No. 17-6/2006- PP.I). Four formulations of biocontrol agents have been developed for the control of the management of plant pathogenic microorganisms viz., Pant Bio-control Agent – 1 (T. harzianum), Pant Bio-control Agent 2 (P. fluorescens), Pant Bio-control Agent -3 (consortium of T. harzianum+P. fluorescens) and Pant Bio-control Agent -4 (consortium of two strains of P. fluorescens).


Under All India Coordinated Research Project on Biological Control, large-scale demonstrations on Biocontrol technologies were conducted at farmers’ fields in disttU.S.Nagar & Nainital. Capacity building and awareness creation amongst the farmers were carried out by demonstrating the method of application of biopesticides in crops, distribution of inputs, training, ghosties, and regular visits to farmers’ fields. For popularizing the benefits of biocontrol agents, more than 250 quintals of quality biocontrol agent was mass produced in Biocontrol Lab and distributed to practicing farmers. Through the adoption of biocontrol technologies, farmers were able to reduce their cost of production substantially and minimized losses due to pests and diseases resulting in an increased benefit-cost ratio and a healthy crop.

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