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It is advised to wash all the cuttings, buds and propagules before they are used for planting Ÿ Wear face masks and rubber gloves Ÿ Wash the tools like budding knife, secateurs with soap and water. Dip the tools in alcohol after each operation that prevents the spread of plant diseases. Ÿ Wash the rose cans with soap water before and after use Ÿ Clean the sprinklers, misters, foggers frequently with soap water Ÿ Clean the containers having growth promoters, fungicides and insecticides externally before and after use Caution: Use clean drinking water for drinking to avoid health problems caused by other pathogens Protect yourself well to remain safe COVID-19 Specific Advisory for Floriculture Sector COVID-19 Specific Advisory for Floriculture Sector Ÿ Soak the pots in 0.5 percent household bleach (one part of household bleach (5.25% sodium hypochlorite to nine parts of water) for 30 minutes and the rinse with fresh water to kill the surface contaminants. Ÿ Use sterilised or solarise soil to fill the medium

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