. Loose Flowers Ÿ Always wear gloves while making malas, venis and gazra Ÿ Sterilise the threads and needles in alcohol before making the mala, veni, gazra etc Ÿ Clean the containers, baskets with soap water before storing the flowers Ÿ Harvested flowers and other floriculture products such as dry flowers need to be UV sterilized using moveable or static UV chambers for reducing or completely eliminating the fungal/viral/bacterial particles. ii. Cut Flowers Ÿ Clean the grading boards with soap water before and after use Ÿ Clean all the buckets with soap water and dry them under sun after use Ÿ Clean all the tools and gadgets used for cleaning and grading with soap water Ÿ Wash the grading hall and cold storage with soap water before using

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