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Covid 19 causes acute respiratory distress in some of the patients. It is therefore very important to safeguard the health of lungs. Wearing suitable masks while spraying or dusting the pesticides prevents damage to lungs. Ÿ The farmers are advised to wear the standard protective gear while spraying the pesticides to prevent the exposure to the harmful chemicals. Caution: Donot spit or pee in the public place. Use toilet for natural calls. Protect yourself while using plant protection chemicals COVID-19 Specific Advisory for Floriculture Sector COVID-19 Specific Advisory for Floriculture Sector Ÿ Wash the sprayers, dusters, hose pipes and nozzles before and after use and store them in safe place before they are used again. Ÿ Keep the cardboard boxes containing pesticides, herbicides containers in a sunny place after they are brought from the market for at least 4 days before they are stored in a safe place Ÿ Wash the containers with soap water before they are used Ÿ Wash the measuring cylinders with soap water before and after use. Ÿ Always wear standard protective wear while applying chemicals

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