Control of damping off of chilli – information

Control of damping off of chilli: Information

Damping off is a serious fungal disease that affects the stems and roots of young chilli plants, leading to their death. This disease is common in cool, damp weather conditions and can quickly spread through a seedbed or greenhouse, causing significant losses to chilli growers. However, the good news is that damping off of chilli can be controlled, and preventative measures can be adopted to avoid its occurrence.

Here are some important tips to control damping off in chilli plants:

1. Start with Healthy Seeds:

The first step in preventing damping off is to start with healthy seeds. Avoid using seeds that are old, diseased, or damaged, as these are more susceptible to damping off. You should also make sure to purchase seeds from reputable suppliers.

2. Use Disinfected Soil:

Using disinfected soil is another important step in preventing damping off in chilli plants. You can disinfect the soil by baking it in an oven at 180°C for 30 minutes or by treating it with a plant-safe fungicide.

3. Control Moisture Content:

Damping off thrives in wet and humid conditions. Therefore, it is important to control moisture levels in the seedbed or greenhouse. One effective way to do this is by providing good air circulation, which can be achieved by using fans or by opening vents and doors.

4. Maintain Hygiene:

Hygiene is key to preventing damping off. Make sure to keep equipment, surfaces, and containers clean and disinfected at all times. Also, avoid over-crowding the seedbed or greenhouse, as this can create conditions for the disease to thrive.

5. Use Biocontrol Agents:

Biocontrol agents like Trichoderma and Bacillus strains can be used to control damping off in chilli plants. These beneficial organisms colonize the soil and protect the plant roots from fungal attack.

6. Use Resistant Varieties:

Some chilli varieties are more resistant to damping off than others. If you are faced with repeated outbreaks of damping off, consider switching to more resistant varieties.

In conclusion, damping off of chilli can be controlled through a combination of preventative measures and treatment options. By starting with healthy seeds, using disinfected soil, controlling moisture levels, maintaining hygiene, using biocontrol agents, and switching to resistant varieties, you can significantly reduce the risk of damping off in your chilli plants.

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