If button mushroom crop is still being produced in seasonal farms, maintain air temperature upto 18°C with 85-90% relative humidity.

Thoroughly treat the spent mushroom compost of button mushroom with 2% formaldehyde, close all the doors / vents, etc.

for 2-3 days and dispose-off far away from the cropping room if the crop was infected with wet bubble/ yellow mould or other competitors.

Clean the floor of the cropping rooms and the racks with soap water before using for the next crop.

Make preparations for taking oyster mushroom crop following standard procedure – bags to be kept for spawn run at 25±2ºC.

Open the bags after 15-20 days of spawn run.  Maintain a temperature range of 22-28°C with 85-90% RH for fruiting.  It will depend upon the species to be grown.


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