Temperature may rise beyond 18°C after mid of February hence try to maintain it below 18°C by frequent spraying of water on floor and side walls of growing rooms during fruiting of button mushroom.

Maintain less than 1000 ppm CO2 level inside the cropping rooms of button mushroom during fruiting.

Maintain proper hygienic conditions in and around growing rooms/mushroom house.

Collect wet bubble infected mushrooms, if any, dip in 2% formalin solution and dispose them in a covered pit away from the mushroom house. Cover the infected areas with common salt.

Spray Decis @ 0.02% or Dicofol @ 0.01% on walls of cropping room if flies or mites infection is there in the cropping rooms.

Use physical means like yellow light trap/fly catcher if flies are visible.

Book oyster mushroom spawn.

Dispose of the used compost bags as soon as the crop is over after spraying with 2% formalin if infection of wet bubble/yellow mould is there.


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