Cashew Museum: An Impressive Showcase of the Crop in Entirety

Due to the perennial nature of cashew and their seasonality of production, providing field exposure on all aspects is difficult during a particular visit of farmers to the research organizations. This necessitated the need for a modern Plant Health Clinic/Museum (PHCM) on cashew with the help of modern information and communication technologies. This facility can provide a one-stop point […]

Techno Incubation Centre

Tuber crops are important sources of starch after cereals, besides being used as a staple or supplementary food. Being the crops with adaptability to wide range of soil, climate and environment of the tropics and sub tropics and requiring minimum agronomic input and care for growth, they can be very well fitted into the prevailing […]

Drip Fertigation: A Tool for higher Yield, Water and Nutrient Use Efficiency

Tobacco as a commercial crop has a unique place in India, as it generates a substantial amount of about Rs 23,318 crores to the national exchequer in terms of excise revenue and foreign exchange of Rs 6058 crores. Tobacco is grown under different agro-climatic conditions viz., monsoon and also in post rainy season under conserved […]

Gypsum for Reclamation of Sodic Soil

Following diagnostic procedures, application of 10-15 tons of gypsum per ha is applied followed by mixing of surface (10 cm) soil. Before gypsum is applied, the field is leveled and bunded, irrigation water is applied to leach down the salts. About 2.07 Mha sodic soils have been reclaimed using gypsum application technology. The reclaimed area […]