Mega Seed Project and Quality Seed Project

Agriculture seed production under Mega Seed Project (MSP) One notable addition to the farm activities is that the Directorate of Seed Research (DSR), Mau, ICAR has entrusted this Viswavidyalaya to conduct a Mega Seed Project on ‘Seed Production of Agricultural Crops’ in 2006-07. This Mega Seed Project (ICAR) is running on six farms like Teraching […]

Rural Horticultural Work Experience (RHWE) Programme

The course RHWE-411: Rural Horticultural Work Experience Programme aims to develop students’ understanding of rural life, and communication skills and to provide practical training for developing self-confidence and professional competency. Further, the program emphasizes “learning through experience” and students are expected to understand the existing realities of a rural setup through interaction with farmers and […]

Metagenomic Analysis of Ruminal Microbes

The metagenomic sequence data of the two cattle breeds viz., Kankrej, Gir and three buffalo breeds viz., Mehsani, Jaffarabadi, and Surti rumen samples were analyzed using MGRASTfor its microbial diversity and functional content. The role of methanogens in the rumen of Indian cattle and its comparative context with exotic cattle was performed. Rumen Microbiome analysis […]