Cotton-Pulse Intercropping on Moderately Saline Vertisols

Salt-affected Vertisols (Black cotton soils) cover an area of approximately 0.80 million hectares in the country, of which 0.12 million hectares are estimated to occur in Gujarat. Due to high clay content and other physic-chemical properties, soils are adversely affected even at low salt concentration and exchangeable sodium contents. Restoring the productivity of these lands, […]

Raised and Sunken Bed Technology in Waterlogged Sodic Soils

Since majority of sodic lands in U.P. are with resource poor medium to small land holders. Therefore, for them a system of raised and sunken bed was evolved using land modification technique in Sarda Sahayak canal command area. In raised and sunken bed system the area is divided into number of strips of desired width. […]

Pond Based Farming System Technology in Waterlogged Sodic Soils

About 0.35 million ha sodic lands suffer from shallow water table conditions in Sharda Sahayak Canal Command and are not suitable for cultivation even after conventional method of gypsum based reclamation. This has led to diminishing land and water productivity and loss of livelihood for the farm families in this command. Seepage from the canal […]

Technology with Reduced Gypsum and Salt Tolerant Varieties

The field experiments were initiated to develop low cost technologies for the resource poor farmers by integration of gypsum and salt tolerant varieties of rice and wheat cropping system. The grain yield of rice and wheat under 25 % plus salt tolerant varieties was at par with 50 GR plus normal cultivars. The cost of […]

Bio Growth Enhancer (CSR-BIO)

It is a low cost multiplication technology of salt tolerant bio-growth enhancers (CSR-BIO) for increasing productivity of agri-horti crops in normal and sodic soils. The technology is developed to produce microbial consortia of beneficial microbes which have universal applicability, higher shelf-life and lower cost of production. The consortium of microbes enhances the growth, productivity, nutrient […]

Multi-Enterprise Agriculture Model for Reclaimed Alkali Soils

A multi-enterprise model evaluated for sustaining livelihood on reclaimed saline soils in small and marginal land. It is developed for reclaimed sodic land for crop diversification and to increase resource use efficiency of water, nutrients and energy besides providing regular income, employment and livelihood to farmers owning small farm holdings. For sustaining livelihood on reclaimed […]